Triple3 have developed state-of-the-art proprietary volatility forecasting techniques which are extremely accurate compared with standard GARCH and SV models. We use our proven expertise in this field to provide volatility research services to fund manager and banking clients around the world.

Our research services aide investors interested in gaining an edge in assessing value in option markets. We provide clients with entire distributions of forecast realized volatility and prices on a range of assets and maturities. These data provide users with a wealth of information about potential market opportunities that is not generally available.

The benefits of this insight apply equally to those interested in pure volatility positioning as well as directional investors wanting to aide their trading through the astute use of options. Market coverage includes; global equity indexes, single stocks, ETF’s, and foreign exchange. Each subscription is tailored to suit the specific areas of interest of our clients.

Our goal is to help clients augment their trading by providing consummate options market intelligence. We look forward to exploring how we might be of help to your business.

Triple 3 Partners is Authorized and Regulated by the ASIC in Australia. AFSL 337236.
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